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Friday, 23 March 2012

it's all in the detail

'My necklace jumper' - it's how my daughter describes her favourite sweater (above).

I bought it a couple months ago from River Island and she has worn it regularly ever since. She wears it with jeans or skirts,  it goes together with just about everything, including her ballet outfit.

I love it myself it combines everything I like about children's fashion: simple design, gentle colour and beautiful detail.

River Island is not my usual choice for children's clothes (I discovered their kid's collection quite recently), but they are definitely worth checking out if, like me, you are bored with Next.    



  1. śliczna bluza! Odessa wygląda w niej bardzo wdzięcznie:) xxx

  2. Wiedzialam ze ci sie spodoba! Miejmy nadzieje ze bluza przetrwa i pewnego dnia dostanie sie w twoje rece! xx