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Friday, 30 December 2011


‘Hello. My name is Odessa Spencer’ – said a little girl to an ant in the park. And then she pulled a serious face, like she was introducing herself to the Queen. And there I am,  sitting on the grass with tears in my eyes, proud and touched… thinking ‘wow this quirky, beautiful thing is mine, that’s my daughter.’
I become a mum three years ego and during this time I possibly have seen all London’s parks, have taken Odessa to theatres, cinemas, art galleries, festivals, numerous restaurants, pubs, and of course cafes, she has driven with us all over England… and went to Paris by train.
I also have taken a photograph of every day of her life.
Being a parent has never stopped me from exploring world, or from being creative like I used to be  before I had my daughter... in fact the opposite. Odessa  motivated me to look around more carefully  and to see 'art'  where I didn't see it before - I feel privileged to see the world through her eyes.
I am a photographer not a child expert, I observe not analyse… I would never claim I am a perfect parent, or I know what is right for children. I just know what "feels" right to me and that it is my duty to provide Odessa with a happy, beautiful,full of adventure childhood.
I’m writing this blog because I want to remember all the big and little things we have done together. The things she has said and the things which made her laugh… the toys she has played with, places we have been to, the lazy mornings at home and trips to charity shops.
I would like to share and discus products available for children and creative ways of spending time with them. Hey, maybe we could all inspire each other...
This blog is also going be Odessa's every day photo journey... she is, after all, the biggest project of my life.   

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