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Sunday, 1 January 2012

the other rabbit and the puzzle with a cat

'Where has sun gone!?!!' - I was woken by my daughter's scream in the middle of night. 'Mummy is looking for sun?' she asked - which pretty much means 'Mother bring me the Sun right now'. 
And then Tim and I had to spend 30 minutes at 4AM explaining about the sun shining during day time but sleeping (like all the well behaved  children) at night...

No I can't give her everything I'm not going find the sun under her bed like when one of her rabbits is missing, but I can try to do my best.  

The main idea behind choosing Odessa's Christmas presents was to keep her positively (read: "away from the telly") occupied during winter cold and rainy days. During summer we used stay outside with our local friends until late evening, but now the season of  running in the park at 6pm is finished... it is getting dark much earlier and everyone is hiding at home. 

Also, it was important for us not to bankrupt ourselves (again!)  - there is still life after Christmas and hundreds of things to pay for (the gas bill for example).

And last, but most importantly, we wanted to buy her something she actually would like to have.  When I asked her what she wants  from Santa, she said 'another rabbit' - which is pretty much her answer for everything (Odessa is rabbit obsessed) and she also mentioned a jigsaw puzzle of a cat. 

And this is what we found for her.....

'Best Storybook Ever' by Richard Scarry. And it actually is exactly what it says it is... the best storybook ever! We are all in love with this book, Odessa starts her day reading it over  breakfast, and its the last thing in her hand before she falls  asleep at night. It's beautifully illustrated and has got a bit of a vintage feel (it is relatively old), its funny and quirky and you can find so many topics in there - numbers, the alphabet, colours,seasons, short stories and longer ones, poems, nursery rhymes,  honestly the list doesn't end - it's around 300 pages (great for expanding vocabulary) ...and wow! it cost me 7.48 on Amazon - half price at the moment. 

Also got a few sticker books - one of which was about Christmas (as I am trying to introduce the idea of Christmas to Odessa - she understands more now than year ago). The book I settled on was from The Usborne Company, which I highly recommend for sticker books, as they are not only visually very pleasant, but good quality with lots different subjects (again the best prices are on Amazon).

And yes I did find the puzzle with the cat... this one is from "Djeco" - you can't go wrong with "Djeco" - my favourite toy company which I worship for their beautiful designs. Odessa already has got a rabbit and chicken from this puzzle series, so she kind of collects them. Puzzles are great for kids - they  exercise their logical thinking and problem solving -  you can discuss the images with them piece by piece... a very positive toy. And yes of course she loved it and keeps playing with it,  although it does take her 3 minutes at the moment to complete, so I need to think about something more complicated in future.
You can find Djeco products all over internet and in few high street shops like Letterbox

djeco cat puzzle

A rabbit. This time it's a little rabbit shaped lamp which lights in many colours (3 pounds from Tiger)

CDs; at the moment her favourite artist is Elizabeth Mitchell (very simple and magical folk music for children). I also got her a CD of French music for children called "French Playground"  which haven't listened to yet (I am going write about musical  experiences in another post).

Also got a clarinet from Tiger (four pounds).  We are collecting different musical instruments - its great fun especially when her friends are over and they can play them together.  

Her auntie Paula brought her gorgeous alphabet flash cards - 'my favourite things, A.B.C.'  by Petitcollage.  I am trying slowly teach Odessa letters so a very useful educational present.

Theatre: My partner Tim and I both believe experiences are more worthwhile than possessions, so our favourite present this year will be taking Odessa and her friend Lelia to the Komedia Theatre in Brighton to see my daughter's favourite puppet theatre group called 'Long Nose'.  We have seen them twice already in London and every time she was over the moon (she even ran over the stage during the show!!). She doesn't know about it yet it is going be a massive surprise! 

There is one more factor when choosing presnts for my daughter...  hmmm, it's me actually, Tim calls me a 'toy fascist' as I am quite fussy I just like things to look good... I do value interesting and beautiful designs. And there is certain 'ugliness' on the market that I would not have in my home. I also think it's important to "shape" your child's tastes from early age.

So all together we just managed to spend around 100 pounds which is good I guess. And yes they all keep her busy and happy.. and look good on her bedroom shelves.

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  1. A wonderful post Aga, and a great idea. I get to keep up to date with all of your adventures now even though I'm not as close as I would like. Lee :)