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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

7 am

'Mummy go there, daddy come here!!' - you should hear the strength of this scream... the kind of strength which leaves you with no illusion - there is not going be a compromise here - Tim has to get up and I have to go away... 
That's pretty much what I hear most mornings nowadays... fair enough, I  won't cry over my daughter not wanting spend time with me. I'll have my coffee and read the newspaper instead.  So mornings are with daddy only. And this what they get up to...

Baking biscuits with your child is great! First of all home made biscuits are so much better than those from shop - you can make sure there are no nasty chemicals in them and use good quality ingredients and they simply taste much nicer.
Be creative - use extra ingredients: nuts, pistachios, chocolate (make sure is at least 60% cocoa - it really makes a difference), honey, peanut butter or oats whatever you might feel would work. Try to involve your child as much as possible explain what you do, explain all process of baking, name things you use and do the shapes together. There is lots nice shapers on the market we got ours from Tiger as there are cheap and funky we also used play-dough ones on few occasions but apparently they are not great as they not big enough - is what Tim says (he does much of the cooking in our house, being so good at it. I, on the other hand,  am just having my coffee and observing, and later trying to pretend I know something about baking biscuits). :)


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