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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

shoe baby, Brighton and Lelia

There once was a baby 
who hid a shoe 
And had learnt to say, 
'How do you do'

So we went to Brighton with Odessa and her friend Lelia to see 'Shoe Baby' by The Long Nose Puppet Theatre.

Our previous experience with their shows was very positive and Odessa already loves the book the play was based on - all of their shows are based on Polly Dunbar's books (which I highly recommend for preschoolers - lovely and simple stories, easy to follow and full of very sweet illustrations). 

The Shoe Baby is a  story about a baby who travels in a shoe to different places:- he sails in the sea, flies with the birds and even meets the Queen:  The show is full of songs - which is the best part of it in my opinion -  very well constructed music (ie, not annoying) with charming lyrics.  We bought the CD  from each show we have seen which Odessa keeps listening at home and already can sing most of of the songs.

In all, the whole trip was full laughter and a bit of drama - Lelia was swamped by a wave on the seashore, leaving her completely soaked (always take spare clothes you never know what might happen).

If you asked Odessa what she did yesterday she wouldn't say she was in theatre or went to the seaside... she would say that she saw Lelia.  The thing you need to know about Lelia is that Odessa loves Lelia more than anyone else in the world... more than singing in the car, more than the swings in the park, she even loves her more than RABBITS! Nothing compares with Lelia, I'm afraid, and you should see Odessa lighting up every time she sees her.

My daughter has got her little group of little friends which is something I value well above any classes or workshops she has done.  Odessa is a single child and doesn't have a huge family around her (my relatives live in Poland), so I have put an extra effort into making sure she doesn't spend her days by herself   all the time. 

I would encourage all parents to get their children to form friendships ... it's such a fantastic way for them to spend time.  Playing with friends is free and you get to meet other parents -  suddenly the simplest things, like walking to the park, become very exciting when children have other kid's for  company. I've met mums which are good friends now in my local One  O'Clock Club, we regularly meet, organize play days at our homes, Christmas parties, little trips and sometimes even drink champaign at 1pm during grey, rainy days...

The two girls were running around Brighton with huge smiles on their faces, singing songs in the café and collecting stones and shells on the beach.  They also both loved the show - sitting together in front, with their mouth's open completely entranced... I'm never quite sure how much of the story Odessa understands, I have a feeling she has got her own way of interpreting it, but I'm just happy for her to enjoy being in the theatre and having an exciting day.   

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