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Saturday, 7 January 2012

ballet dancing rabbit

'Oh! Wow! Wow! Wow'- Odessa was screaming last Wednesday in the Peacock Theatre half way through the show...

And it all started when Lelia picked up a leaflet with 'The Theatrical version of The Snowman' and said she really, really wanted to see it.  So we did go to see it (Lelia, her Mum Nadia, Odessa and myself) and, possibly, it was one of the the best things I have ever done with my daughter...

The show was superb (shame I couldn't take any photographs of actual play though - it would be disrespectful. However, they let me photograph our girls during break). It was a BIG theatre experience - before I only did short puppet shows with Odessa.
Just like in the animation there was no dialogue or narration -  they used ballet to express the story.  The costumes and props were beautifully designed, the dancers were amazing and the play,  of course, had the atmosphere of Christmas, but without being tacky it was just very charming. 

The show did actually have a ballet dancing rabbit, which combines my daughter's two favourite things... I think everyone in theatre heard her screaming when the rabbit appeared on the stage- 'KROLICZEK!!!' (which is Polish for rabbit). She generally was very active through whole show - she was laughing, loudly commenting on things she found interesting, she was also dancing and trying to copy the ballet dancers - nobody minded though,  that's great thing about children's events; people seem to be much more chilled out and easy going. You need to let your children to be expressive, childhood is supposed to be joyful in my opinion, they all going have time later in life to be serious...

Without a doubt, both girls loved the 'The Snowman'.  I have to say it was an uplifting experience to see my child so happy. I highly recommend theatre for pre-schoolers, just choose the show with the subject or character you know your child would like and make sure it is age appriopate. 

On our way back we walked from Aldwych to Waterloo bridge we stopped at Somerset house, which I admit I had never seen properly before (only from a bus window). And this time I said 'Wow!!', it is a very pretty square and has the most impressive Christmas tree I have ever seen. They do ice skating there, not sure if it's for Odessa as she is still too small, but what an amazing place go ice skating! 

Later we spend 40 minutes on the bus home and all the way back my daughter (she is as beautiful as she is spoiled - I blame her father) cried that she wants to see 'Snowman' with Lelia not go home.!!  And that's the 'thank you' I get.

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