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Monday, 9 January 2012


Vive La France! Et merci pour Djeco! It is definitely one of my favourite toy/arts/craft companies, mainly because it is so pleasant on the eye, plus it's good quality. Their products encourage being creative and are affordable. The other important aspect for me is that they do lots of games, puzzles or art activities for preschoolers (Odessa is only 3), and there are not  many interesting products for that age group on the market.
I will slowly show what Djeco items I have found for Odessa,  starting with her animal dominoes.

"Where is panda's bum?" 

And where is rabbit's head?

My daughter was commenting while playing with the above mentioned dominoes today. 

It's very simple -  you need to match animals parts together - great for observation skills and introducing idea of multi-player games... perfect for rainy afternoons.
Like I have mentioned before, Djeco is available in many online stores. I bought this toy from Peanut & Pip for £6.99.

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