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Sunday, 15 January 2012

in search for a new rabbit

It was our mission yesterday to find another rabbit, I shouldn't be doing it really as the rabbits are taking over our house but she likes them so much, and I like making her happy. Also she was home sick for last five days so I thought it would be nice to do something just for pleasure... so I took her to Fara kids (our local charity shop) and this is what we have found:

My favourite - 'The Snowman' book, she saw the animation this Christmas and has just seen the theatrical version, so I was thinking to buy her the book as well... and there it was, waiting for me, for 80p

'Little Bear's Numbers' - for 60p. Great as she loves counting now.

A Djeco puzzle for three pounds. They cost around ten pounds new. Odessa is not really into princesses or fairies, I don't think she actually knows the word princess... but she is into puzzles which makes me happy, as they good for so many reasons. She has completed this one without any help within 10 minutes and I think she deserves a bit of praise as it is above her age group so -  Well done Odessa!     

 A hat from Gap for £4.50. Very warm, covers the ears perfectly with fantastic pompoms! 

And, of course, let's not forget about the RABBIT! It's not a very pretty rabbit I have to say although Odessa would disagree with me on that... anyway I promised to buy one and they didn't have anything better. £2.50 for an ugly rabbit I will just have to live it..

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