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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Made in Poland

Ah ha... another parcel! Sent by Odessa's Polish friend Zoja. The book you can see in the image above is a new edition of children's poems I remember from my childhood. It's a beautiful present, Odessa is already crazy about the book not mention the new rabbit she got (his name is Tuptus - which in polish means "someone who makes little steps"). Thus I am reunioned with my memories my own childhood.
Odessa and Zoja do a cultural exchange by post so now we are on a mission to find Zoja some wonderful English books.

    'Does this rabbit fly?'

It's very important for me that Odessa speaks Polish and have an awareness of herself being mixed-nationality. I hope she is going be proud of it one day. That's why I value us being in touch with our Polish friends and family. 

Thank you very much Zoja! 


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  1. Zoja jest nieco zaskoczona, dopiero włożyła królika do koperty, czary mary... Odessa już go ma! Miłej zabawy i czytania do poduszki, my tymczasem poszukamy kolejnej książki:) xxx