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Monday, 12 November 2012

Polka Theatre

Polka theatre is a lovely little theatre for children. It is in Wimbledon which is very close to us and I visit it regularly. It has got something to see every day - it's much harder to book tickets for the weekend and I would recommend to booking well in advance. Last Saturday we went to see an alternative version of Red Ridding Hood with family and friends. The kids loved the show and the theatre space: an inside play area with books, vintage rocking horses and costumes. There is also a little playground with a play house and a giant cat to climb on  (pictures above). If you in the area and fancy a nice walk you should go and see Wimbledon park - a very charming park with a huge boating lake. Odessa was a bit withdrawn the whole day - we were a bit confused by it - until the evening when I discovered she had a temperature of 39. 

So we ended up home again, drinking chai-latte, watching The Aristocats and missing those lovely warm days out in London. It rains by the way. The cold and flu season has officially started. 

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