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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

another ballet show

And another term is over. Last Thursday was Odessa's last day in nursery before the two week easter break.  The end of term also means it's show time! Odessa is at two ballet schools now, and in her drama class and we were looking forward to finally watch her on stage. A few months back she got a place at the Royal Academy of Dance, but I didn't get to see even a glimpse of what she is doing there - as the teachers are picking them up in the cafeteria and take them to other side of building. Unfortunately Odessa got sick on the day of her show and there was no way she could go. Luckily she is still in her local ballet school and last Wednesday she was happy to perform for us, well done darling!   


  1. jak Ona pięknie wygląda... Te paluszki obciągnięte - z taką gracją... Podziwiam :*