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Friday, 26 April 2013

from my phone again

I think it's the time to introduce 
this old, dirty toy that my daughter takes everywhere:
Meet Marie - the aristocat! 

Urban children. Odessa and Lelia 
in South East London

Indoor picnic

our favourite food shop

when our cat was expecting kittens  
Odessa was testing baskets for them

Mirror, mirror on the wall...who has got 
the biggest eyes in the whole world? :)

happy walk to the nursery. 
Doesn't matter if it rains as long as 
you have a cool umbrella 

With Myah - best friend from nursery

and Myah again -  as she has stolen our hearts

what she loves the most

another picture in the cafe - 
like I said I'm an addict

red nose day in nursery

morning at home

drama class - final performance

Lelia's birthday

tea party in our garden

with Nadia and Lelia 
in lovely Brockwell Park lido cafe

shopping queen

with Alexa

Odessa and Myah 
pretending they are 'mummy and daddy'

Richmond park


  1. zdjęcia z Alexą - jejku jaka piękna drewniana podłoga :)
    uwielbiam Twoje zdjęcia są takie klimatyczne, naturalne... PIĘKNE

  2. Jeju, wyglądacie jak siostry bliźniaczki:) Super:)