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Monday, 25 June 2012


The kittens have been with us for over a month now and have perfectly adjusted to our small family. We adored them from day one and were fascinated watching them growing and changing every day. 

It has been a wonderful experience to have five of them around us, constantly jumping and playing somewhere in the background. I will never forget Odessa pushing them all over the house in her toy bus.
I do believe it's great for kids to grow up with pets - it teaches them to care for and respect animals. We did engage Odessa in taking care of the kittens - she was allowed to pick them up when they were very little - we taught her how she should handle them, she was giving them milk and helping us find them when they went missing. She was also making them cups of tea with her other dollies and insisted they needed to get dressed or dance ballet. On a few occasions they ended up locked in one of her drawers or wardrobe - but the kittens loved her anyway. In the evening they sat on sofa and watched "Aristocats" together (see pictures).

Odessa was a very lucky girl to observe whole process from the beginning; first our cat Bea being pregnant, then the arrival of the kittens, opening their eyes , learning to walk and eat etc... I tried explain to my daughter as much as I could - I hope she will remember some of it.

Unfortunately, the kittens had to go - we do have two cats already and Tim claims more than two is 'crazy old lady territory'. So it's time to find kittens new home. Saying goodbye is part of life I guess, and a skill to learn for Odessa but still very sad.

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