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Monday, 18 June 2012

'I want...'

- Odessa would you like to go shopping with mummy and daddy?
- No!
- Where would you like to go then?
- To the museum!

You see it's generally great that she wants to go to Museum and prefers it to shopping, but the thing is Tim and I really wanted to go the shops... so then comes the next part of this ritualistic conversation which I'm not very proud of:

- Odessa if you go shopping with us mummy will buy you a new toy! (Yes, I know how wrong this is!).
- No! I don't want a new toy! I want to go the museum to see the rocket! (and by that she means she wants the Science Museum).

At that moment I just have to sit down and take a breath because slowly I have finally realised one important thing: my three year old daughter is a GEEK! A ballet dancing, numbers obsessed geek. (Anyone who has ever met Tim or myself knows it's not her mother she gets it from).

Of course she did go to Science museum as you can see in the above images. The photographs are of Odessa and Tim planting "virtual trees". 

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  1. heheh jakbym słyszała Zojkę! Chociaż nie oszukujmy się, muzeum i galerie to idealne miejsca do biegania z przyjaciółmi:) Jeśli chodzi o małe przekupstwa u mnie też nie działają. Aż mi głupio kiedy pytam czy chce nowe to i tamto, a Zoja na to, że przecież już ma i że wystarczy. Odessa na zdjęciach cały Tim! xxx