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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

before drama classes

Saturdays mornings is our lazy time together. The main thing at the moment is Tim reading books for Odessa (she just can't have enough of that!),  we are listening to the radio, drinking tea and of course lot's of coffee for me - no school - no need to hurry... and no school uniform! Saturday is also the day when Odessa goes to her drama class (which is really good by the way).   She can therefore wear a more eccentric clothes than she would wear to school - but still comfortable enough for lots of dancing. We usually go for leggings and soft, cotton jumpers. This time she put her ballet skirt over it (as she would) and we were just ready to go to the car and I just looked at her and thought 'Wow, Odessa you look really cool today'. :) And of course quickly took a few images (as I would).  


  1. zgadzam się - wygląda nieziemsko !!! Właśnie szukam tutu dla Sary, ale ciężko coś znaleźć na takie małe ciałko :))

  2. Odessowe tutu jest z Vertbaudet, bardzo przyjemne i waskie w pasie. pozdrawiam xx