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Friday, 14 December 2012

Nursery Christmas show

'I am not an angel! I am a black cat!' said Odessa on Wednesday morning. Well you don't have to tell me that...
We were generally in a hurry - she was meant to be in nursery 30 minutes earlier to put her costume on, and it was horribly cold in the house. I thought to myself, "I am not dealing with the angel crisis! I am having my coffee than I am bringing her to the nursery. They can deal with it." Good luck, I thought.
Of course there was no crisis in nursery, I was told she couldn't be happier to be an angel. You see she is all sweet for her teachers, but drama seems to be for her parents only. 

Anyway it was our first Christmas show and it was very charming and moving, I will treasure this memory with a little tear in my eye...

Odessa's nursery class had her play and its music written especially for them by their music teacher. It was really good, the atmosphere was lovely, all the songs were great and the kids loved it. Odessa was so joyful singing and doing the actions to the songs. 

Teachers and children put their heart into the project and in moments like that I am so grateful she is in such  nice, friendly and caring school. 

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  1. so cute! reminds me of my childhood holidays! :-)