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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas evening in London town

Just like last year, we decided to see The Snowman at the theatre, which I can't recommend highly enough. It's a perfect Christmas play, everything about it is amazing: the music, the dancing, costumes, lighting... everything! Go and see it, everyone loves it! 

We decided to come to central London a few hours earlier and wander around. Lelia and Nadia joined us which is of course the most important thing for Odessa, she keeps changing and her interests keep changing but one thing stays untouched: her love for Lelia :) 

We all went to Covent Garden to see the lights and giant Christmas trees, and had diner and Jamie Oliver's Union Jack  which is really cool place - in the middle of Covent Garden market. You can still enjoy the lights and live music, the food is fantastic, and it's warm thanks to the heated seats... perfect for a Christmas atmosphere. 

The play was great and Odessa made all the theatre laugh when she was shouting 'Hello Snowman!'.

I know have said it a few times already but I need to mention it again: I am so in love with London!  

Waterloo bridge

Covent Garden

And in the theatre...

and in Jamie Oliver's restaurant

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